HAVE FAITH – Best Motivational video

There are moments when you will want to give up on life
Moments where you will want to stop the race
Moments when u feel trapped….
There will be times where it seems like there’s no way out
Times where u don’t even know if your going to survive this
Everyone has had these moments
And if you haven’t, they will come.
It will hit you so swiftly and so powerfully that…. you will feel paralyzed
You will be surprised by the level of pain it brings
The level of worry and stress
You will feel like your running into a brick wall
Over and over and over again
But most people usually give up after this terrible experience
Most people usually … stop the race
Most people settle for that 9-5
And settle in that abusive relationship
They settle with being average

Minion Motivation Team
Head Videographer – TJ Massey
Graphic Design – Jac Culotta
Art design – Ben saah

Podcast: Minion Motivation

Song – Memories of the forgotten, Krale
I don’t own the rights to this song

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