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एक दिन में 60 से 70 हजार विचार आते एक इंसानी दिमाग में जिसमे सबसे फालतू का विचार सबसे फालतू की सोच होती है की लोग क्या सोचेंगे ओर लोग क्या कहेंगे ओर आज इस विडियो मे मेरी कोशिश है की कम से कम इस फालतू के विचार को आपके मन से हमेशा के लिए निकाल दु, ताकि आप सफलता के रास्ते पर बिना फालतू विचारो के दूसरों की कटपुटली बने खुद की सोच से अपने जीवन मे सुधार ला सके Best motivational quotes in hindi best motivational shayari in hindi inspirational quotes in hindi which will give you full day energy to go ahead.

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You can watch more related videos which can help you in your life in many ways
They motivate you
They keep your mind focused on the goal
They incluence the subconscious mind and activate powers
They change the way you think and behave
Positive quotes will make you feel positive
Positive statements make you feel positive, energetic and active, and therefore, put you in a better position to transform your inner and external worlds.

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GVG Motivational is a YouTube Channel, where you will find Motivational Video, Biographies, Inspirational Stories, Motivational Speech’s in Hindi, Case Study, Rap songs, Quotes, Shayari, for all age group and for students 🙂 these success life stories, life changing speech’s are helping millions of peoples in india and around the world in their business, life, and give them energy to struggle and fight with failures & rejections and full their dreams and goals.

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