EMBRACE THE HATE – Powerful Motivational Video

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Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Robin Sharma, Gary Vaynerchuk, Walter Bond
Footage by: Adidas, Black Mirror, Catherine Brookes, Eric Poulet, Filmpac, Kendra Gerrish, Paris El-Said, SIGMA, THE GOLDEN STURGEON, The Academy, Tubby Brother
Music: Mark Petrie and Dorian Charnis – Distance Between

Hundreds of years ago when we were on the savanna fighting the saber-toothed tiger and the cheetah, if we left the herd, we would be killed and eaten. And now here it is, in whatever year this is, and we’re still too frightened to think differently, we’re still too frightened to speak with our own voice. We’re still too frightened to chase our dream, we’re still too frightened to live by our values, not by our mother’s values or our neighbor’s values, or society’s values. I am tired of people not starting and living their life on one very simple thing, which is there worried about what other people think. whether that’s their mom, their friends, and worst of all, f*cking comments in social media. I mean this is some 6th grade lunchroom sh*t. Are you really really really not gonna live your life based on somebody’s anonymous f*cking icon feedback that you suck? It’s enough. It doesn’t matter what they think. When you’re f*cking 92 and you’re sitting there, you’re not gonna give a sh*t about what punkman96 had to say, or even what your aunt had to say, who’s miserable cause she never got hers, so she’s trying to keep you down. So very simply, please take the passion that is pouring out of my f*cking face right now and run with it, and go do something. Because the only thing that’s holding you back is you’re worried about what other people have to say. Leave that sh*t in highschool, it’s time to go. Life tests the big dreamers, the passionate revolutionaries, it’s almost like a weeding out process, only the strong and the best get to live their heart song. You know what? If it was easy to get to world class and extraordinary, everyone would be doing it. Every dream starts off small, but you wanna start, and move it forward each and every day, and while everyone else laughs at you, and criticizes you, pay no heed to them, keep on moving your dream forward. Because there is something magical about sticking to your dream longer than anyone around you thinks you have a right to stick to that dream. Do the interior work required to get to a level where the negative opinions and the chattering voices of the cynics, do not knock you off your ambition. They do not knock you off your game. You have to be so strong in your own skin that when people dismiss your ideas or they don’t understand it, or they laugh at you, you simply keep on going. So you gotta consider before you start anything, what is the commitment level? If you commit to something, you don’t stop until you win. Wake up in the morning, you rise and you grind. You joined that health club? Don’t quit. You started that business? Don’t quit. Your mind has got to be steadfast, your minds gotta be locked in, no matter what. Because we are champions, and we never quit.

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