FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN – Powerful Motivational Video

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Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Andy Frisella, Maximilian Tornow, Elliot Hulse
Footage by: Black Summit Studios, Filmpac, Geoff’s Club, Nike, Hรฅkon Rydningen, Lutz Forster, Matthew Emvin Taylor, Nick Lindsay, Present Plus, Rafael Kent, Rob Chiu, Robert Ascroft, Sid
Music: Mitchell Broom – Dawnbreaker

There are so many people that could be extremely successful. I look around and I see potential everywhere. I see people who could be accomplishing really impressive things on a daily basis, they could be growing, and impacting people at a blinding speed. But there is something stopping them. And what is stopping them is something that we hear all too often. It’s fear. Not fear of something that they’ve actually experienced, not logical fear, but these people are most fearful of the unknown. “What if this happens? What if that happens? What if that doesn’t happen?” and on and on it goes. They consistently worry themselves in circles. It’s really really f*cking tragic. “I’m afraid what’s going to happen when I fail, what are my friends gonna think when I’m coming back empty-handed? What am I gonna think of myself?” If you struggle with the fear of the unknown, you cannot beat yourself up. It’s a very common thing, I get it, we all get it Fear will never go away. It’s just that one decision, What are you gonna do with that fear? Are you gonna be fear’s little b*tch, or are you gonna have fear be a personal guide into freedom? The number one strategy to overcoming fear of the unknown is to go hard in the motherf*cking paint on what you do know. Do the thing you’re afraid to do. Do it. It’s not about feeling confident about going into the situation, it’s not about knowing it’s going to work out, it’s not about having the most detailed plan for how this thing will happen, it’s about doing it. Courage. Courage is what you will experience and what you will grow When the doubt is there, but you do it anyway. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal, but progressive realization means that you’re doing things that you don’t know how to do, you’re stepping out in faith, you’re being courageous. Your self doubt will step out of the way when you do the thing, and the power will be added to you. I never let what I didn’t know determine my future. I don’t give a f*ck about the unknown. What I wanna know is how can I utilize the skills I have to move me forward today? I don’t spend time worrying about what might happen, I don’t try to focus on what could happen, I focus on what is, and I focus on working as hard as I can, and making sure no matter how frustrated I get, I replace those feelings with productive actions. And if you want to get hard in the motherf*cking paint on what you do know, you will never ever have to say what might have been.

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