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The most powerful Quotes, Buddha Quotes, Motivational Quotes or Life Quotes in Buddhism discovered by Buddha that will change your life. Such Inspirational Quotes, Positive Quotes,Quotation or Quote of the day keeps you motivate.All such quotes are called as Buddha quotes or Gautam Buddha Quotes. Buddha also discovered Buddha quotes on life, Buddha quotes on love, Buddha quotes on happiness, Buddha quotes on karma and so on.

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About Buddha Thought Channel

Well Come to Buddha Thought Channel. This channel is totally dedicated to the Buddha, Buddhism, Buddha teaching and his thoughts. Here you will get the collection of the motivational, inspirational, peaceful and spiritual Buddha quotes on love, karma, happiness, life and peace etc in English, Hindi as well as in Marathi language.

These Buddha quotes, teaching and thoughts was discovered and written by Lord Buddha himself with his initiative Knowledge. These motivational, inspiring videos change your life, mind and thoughts for you successful and happy life.
Our Motto is to share the Buddha Thought as much as possible in order to help people to get off more easily through difficult time and worst situation. We always support your thought and dream to make it successful.

Buddha Thought mission is to impart Buddhist knowledge and practices so as to profit individual lives, the general public, and our society, and to help the advancement of Buddhism in the modern world.

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